Meet April

Hello lovely! My name is April and I am the founder of Smalletics, a health company I started to support you—my fellow petite women—a majority, yet under-served group within the larger health community. As a 5'1" petite woman myself, I've experienced #shortgirlproblems firsthand throughout my entire life—from being judged and underestimated as an internationally competitive athlete in the sport of fencing, to having to ask my boyfriend for help retrieving that last sock out of the bottom of the dryer. You know what I'm talking about.

But my #shortgirlproblems didn't stop there. As both an athlete, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I've come to learn that everything is designed for those of average height—including some of today's most popular fitness and nutrition programs, and even the machines at the gym.

I knew we shorties needed and deserved more, so I started Smalletics in order to provide reliable health information tailored for petites, as well as to build a platform for short female empowerment. Today, Smalletics is the collective voice of petite women who seek a healthy lifestyle.

I'm SO excited to welcome you to the short girl gang of like-minded, strong, and smart petite women. Together, let's share our vibes, no matter our size.