Recap: Smalletics Meet Up in Brooklyn, NY


In December, members of the short girl gang gathered for the first ever local Smalletics meet up in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY to workout together, learn new exercises tailored to the petite body type, and meet other likeminded petites.

It was SO much fun and I wish I could wake up every day and attend one of these events!

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The event started with a meet and greet, and then we moved into a collective warm-up. We got our blood pumping, and learned some staple dynamic exercises to perform before any workout.

IMG_2752 2.JPG

Following, I demonstrated all of the exercises with the help of my lovely client Maggie. We workshopped important movements such as the squat and the deadlift to ensure everyone understood how to have absolutely perfect form + the reasons why we do everything.


Then, the workout! We performed a workout tailored specifically to the petite body type—or I should say the petite metabolism. It was a high-intensity, strength-based, total body workout!

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After a core finisher and a cool down, we gathered ‘round to snack on Lebby Chickpea Snacks, one of the amazing event sponsors, and have heart to heart (I call them H2H’s, but that’s just me).

(BTW, Lebby’s moto is “small in size, big in flavour—how cute is that?!)

We chatted confidence, petite presence and how to bring it when you’re shorter than the rest, losing fat as a petite, building community, and more. And we ate healthy lil chocolate treats and swapped IG handles :).

9011FC2E-4745-4231-AC39-E728DF09B177 3.JPG

Obviously, we didn’t want it to end!

The good news is, there will be more. If you’d like a Smalletics meet up or workshop in your area, you can request one by emailing me or commenting where you’re from below.

Looking forward to more community events with the short girl gang!

Thank you to the amazing event sponsors Lebby Snacks and Session studio.



April Whitney