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Together, let’s bring your highest vision for your health to life.

As both a fitness and nutrition coach who specializes in petite health, I take an integrative approach to wellness and work with you to design, articulate and achieve your ideal body and lifestyle. My philosophy is that your health is a foundational place to search for possibility—it is only from good health that you are able to step into your own power and watch it flow into all aspects of your life, from your relationships to your career, to your confidence and beyond.

With this one-on-one premium coaching service, we’ll achieve your fitness, nutrition and mindset transformation. Throughout both my education and my personal journey, I have been exposed to many different methodologies and training styles, and identified highly effective coaching techniques to help you achieve a breakthrough in your own health. Especially being petite, I can offer strategies and perspectives that are specific to our shared life experience both in fitness programming as well as personal development.

I received my personal training certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and am currently completing my nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition. Let’s co-create your dream lifestyle and build it together, little by little.


1-1 Online Fitness Coaching

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1-1 Online Nutrition Coaching

Custom meal plan and recipes to meet your goals

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Weekly check-ins, support and 1-1 coaching calls



How do you define petite/short?

In apparel, petite can be defined as anyone who is 5’4” and shorter. You can be any shape or weight and still be petite. Smalletics is an inclusive community, so if you identify as petite, then you are petite in my book.

What is different about petite health & wellness?

Petite women naturally have slower metabolisms than women of average or taller height. This is because metabolism is influenced by height, so the shorter you are, the slower your metabolism will naturally be.

This can make it more difficult for petite women to achieve their health goals. In fact, it can take petite women twice the amount of time to lose the same amount of weight as a taller woman!

Smalletics’ approach to health and wellness for petites is twofold. First, fitness programming is tailored to the petite metabolism and designed to rev it up with total body workouts that help you build lean muscle. Second, nutrition is tailored to our smaller statures and geared towards boosting the metabolism naturally by eating the right amounts of enough nutrient-rich and whole, unprocessed foods.


What is your food philosophy?

I believe that the best coaches are nutrition-agnostic, meaning they do not advocate for any specific diet, such as intermittent fasting or keto, or other popular diets. I look at your individual preferences, history and lifestyle for direction in how to best support your unique needs and deliver the desired outcomes. I do not believe there are any “bad” foods and I do not provide restrictive meal plans. Instead, I work with my clients individually on re-programming the body to crave healthy, delicious and nutritious food. Over time, this process becomes second nature, and my clients are able to enjoy long-term success.

Can you create an at-home workout plan for me?



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