The Petite Strength Plan

Powerfully petite, lean and fit in just 12 weeks


A fitness program designed for the short body type

The Petite Strength Plan was made with the petite woman in mind. You could think of The Petite Strength Plan as a “custom-fit” rather than “one size fits all” kind of program.

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Created by a fellow petite

Certified personal trainer and expert in petite fitness, April Whitney was able to transform her 5’1” body through a unique pattern of fitness programming, which can be followed step-by-step in The Petite Strength Plan.


Big results from small (& strong) women



“I had never realized that the reason I loathed the gym so much was partially because the equipment isn’t designed for my body. Then, I found Smalletics. At 5’2”, I find that the machines are extremely hard to use and often times don’t facilitate the results I want.

Instead of my monotonous routine of elliptical and sit-ups, I was challenged with a fun and inspiring workout daily. There wasn’t a single exercise that left me feeling bored, and the constant progression of the program challenged me in new ways up until the very end. The program itself was extremely comprehensive, and I walked away with a ton of knowledge not only about fitness, but about fitness for the petite frame. Progress pics and push-up tests served as constant motivation to show up and sweat. Within the first four weeks, I not only looked better, but I found myself thinking more clearly and greeting each morning with a spurt of energy and enthusiasm. Because the program is designed specifically for my body type, the results are staggering at a far faster pace. Even though my three months have concluded, my fitness journey has only just begun. I don’t know who this gym-rat is when I look in the mirror, but I do know that I like her.”

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“I’m so excited to see my transformation! It has been challenge with a busy work schedule and limited time, but I'm learned to make time for myself and focus on creating a better vision of me . Plus, I have more energy and confidence that I somehow lost over the past several years.

Overall, I've lost 2 inches in my waist and have more defined arms and thighs. I'm up to 35 push-ups in 1 minute (and some of them are not on my knees!).

I know the program is done, but I plan to start another round of the program this week! Seeing what I can accomplish after the first round makes me wants to see what 24 weeks would look like.”



“This is my progress shot after just 5 weeks! I genuinely remember how icky I felt when I took the before photo, but I knew I would benefit having these photos in the long run. I mean - I would have never noticed the shoulder progress! And look how high my belly button is now! And my butt is so full! I love it.

I, for the life of me, never thought some workout plan would EVER give me so much confidence in the gym and just in general! I am SO happy that I found you!!

Oh and when I flex!! I actually have ab lines. Something so silly, but it’s not the most awful thing ever :).

And with regards to how I’m feeling—SO RELAXED. I feel so empowered now. I feel strong. I feel healthy and WHOLE.”


What’s unique about The Petite Strength Plan


Workouts tailored to your metabolism

Many generic training programs prescribe machines that do not fit the petite body size or body mechanics, which can decrease the efficacy of a program or increase the chance of injury. The Petite Strength Plan utilizes dumbbell training as the primary strength training modality, making it accessible, safe and optimized for you.


Equipment modalities that fit

Because height and metabolism are correlated, petites have slower metabolisms. The Petite Strength Plan is designed to speed up the petite metabolism through progressive strength training and specific cardiorespiratory guidelines to promote a healthy, fast metabolism that burns more calories.


Best exercises for petites

Having a strong internal core is the key to a strong and healthy back and proper posture. Smalletics utilizes specific exercises to enhance and celebrate the petite body.


Smalletics Facebook community

The Petite Strength Plan celebrates the petite community by bringing participants of The Petite Strength Plan together through a private Facebook support group, live events, and gym meet ups.


Inside The Petite Strength Plan

The Petite Strength Plan is an easy-to-follow e-book that includes a 12-week progressive strength training plan and video tutorials for every exercise.

The Petite Strength Plan is a digital book, available instantly worldwide.

  • 12 weeks of progressive strength training programming tailored to your body type

  • Workouts you can do at the gym OR at home

  • Cardio you’ll actually enjoy (no treadmill): 12 high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and plyometric workouts

  • 24 circuit training routines

  • 12 unique fitness challenges

  • Metabolic circuits and workouts finishers

  • 90+ exercise videos to learn proper form

  • 99 pages of actionable information about your petite physique

  • Proper dynamic warm-up, cool-down, and recovery foam rolling routines

  • How to take progress photos and track your results

  • Weights (starting at absolute beginner) and how to progress them

  • A private Facebook community group to help keep you accountable


A little bit from the community



How do you define petite/short?

In apparel, petite can be defined as anyone who is 5’4” and shorter. You can be any shape or weight and still be petite. Smalletics is an inclusive community, so if you identify as petite, then you are petite in my book.

How long do the workouts take?

Once you get the hang of the warm up and cool down routines, the average workout should take you about 45 minutes.

What if I’ve never lifted weights before?

This guide is meant for beginner through intermediate levels—so whether you’ve never lifted before, or you have a few years of experience, you’ll be able to progress. The guide is progressive, so the workouts increase in difficulty over time. It’s easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and videos for every exercise, so you’ll be sure to stay on track. And, if you ever have any questions, you can also find me in the private Facebook group


What equipment will I need?

The Petite Strength Plan can be done at the gym, or at home. If you choose to follow the guide from home, you can do so will a small investment in the following equipment:

  • Dumbbells

  • Stability ball

  • Medicine ball

  • Resistance band

  • Jump rope

How long is the program?

The Petite Strength Plan is a 12-week program. Due to the scalable nature of the program, it can be repeated for continued results, as long as you keep progressing your weights when directed to do so.